Full Stack Development using Java and React Bootcamp

Duration: 25 weeks

Weekly hours: 6 hours

Capstone Project: Full Stack Web Application Development using Java, React, and MongoDB

This bootcamp is designed for learners who want to develop expertise in full stack development using Java and React technologies. Over 25 weeks, learners will gain hands-on experience using Java, Spring Framework, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, and DevOps practices. The bootcamp covers a range of topics, including Java syntax and OOP, data structures and problem solving, Java networking and concurrency, clean code and software design, web apps and Spring Framework, and DevOps practices.

The final weeks feature a Capstone Project, allowing learners to apply their skills to a real-world project and showcase their abilities to potential employers.

Module 1: Java Syntax and OOP using Java

Weeks 1-2:

  • Java fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles
  • Classes, objects, and inheritance
  • Interfaces and abstract classes
  • Exceptions and error handling

Skills and knowledge: Strong foundation in Java programming and OOP concepts, ability to write efficient and maintainable code, understanding of common programming paradigms.

Module 2: Data Structures and Problem Solving

Weeks 3-6:

  • Common data structures (e.g. arrays, linked lists, trees, stacks, queues)
  • Algorithm analysis and design
  • Sorting and searching algorithms
  • Recursion and dynamic programming
  • Problem-solving techniques and strategies

Skills and knowledge: Ability to design and analyze algorithms, familiarity with commonly used data structures and their performance characteristics, proficiency in solving complex programming problems.

Module 3: Java Networking and Concurrency

Weeks 7-8:

  • Networking fundamentals (e.g. sockets, protocols)
  • Concurrency and multithreading
  • Synchronization and locks
  • Thread safety and atomic variables

Skills and knowledge: Ability to write networked applications, familiarity with network protocols, understanding of concurrency and multithreading, proficiency in ensuring thread safety.

Module 4: Clean Code and Software Design

Weeks 9-10:

  • Writing clean code and code quality metrics
  • SOLID principles and design patterns
  • Code refactoring and code smells
  • Modular programming and dependency injection
  • Test-driven development (TDD)

Skills and knowledge: Ability to write clean and maintainable code, understanding of software design principles and patterns, proficiency in refactoring and code smells, familiarity with TDD.

Module 5: Web Apps and Spring Framework with React

Weeks 11-16:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript fundamentals
  • Front-end development with React
  • Introduction to Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • RESTful web services and API design
  • Spring Data and JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Security and OAuth 2.0

Skills and knowledge: Ability to build modern web applications using React and Spring Framework, familiarity with web services and API design, proficiency in database access using JPA/Hibernate, understanding of web security and authentication.

Module 6: DevOps Practices

Weeks 17-19:

  • Git/Github
  • Build Tools (Maven/Gradle)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Docker/Kubernetes

Skills and knowledge: Ability to automate software development processes, familiarity with containerization.

Weeks 20-24: Capstone Project: Full Stack Web Application using Java, React, and MongoDB

  • Design and implement a full-stack web application using Java, Spring Framework, React, and databases, with a focus on data structures, algorithm optimization, and problem-solving techniques.

Skills and knowledge: Ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired throughout the bootcamp to build a complex and modern web application, proficiency in working with databases, familiarity with software development best practices.

Week 25: Job Search and Interview Preparation

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Job search strategies and resources
  • Interview preparation and practice

Skills and knowledge: Ability to present skills and experience effectively to potential employers, understanding of job search strategies and resources, proficiency in preparing for job interviews.

If you're interested in enrolling in the Full Stack Development using Java and React Bootcamp, please contact us at manager@talents-hub.net for enquiries and registration. Click here to view the detailed outline and register for the bootcamp. Early bird registrations are eligible for special discounts.