Zak Solution

About Us

  • Administration and Management of Software Defined Data Center based on VMware Technologies.
  • Administration and Management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers.
  • Administration and Management of Automation tools (e.g., v Realize Automation/v Realize Orchestrator/ Ansible / Terraform)
  • Administration of server management software
  • Administration of server’s operating system (Windows/Linux) and third-party software
  • Compliance check with security standards
  • Design, Install, configure & upgrade VMware SDDC & its components
  • Ability to identify & troubleshoot the problems related to server/hypervisor infrastructure.
  • Create automation workflows using VMware vRealize automatin/Orchestrator or Red Hat Ansible or Terraform
  • Experience with DevOps Tools (CI/CD , Git , IaC )
  • Ability to write automation scripts/codes in PowerShell, Python, JavaScript.

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