Wolfhead Agency

About Us

Promote, work, and act in a manner consistent with the mission in the retail field

Set tools and objectives for departments or units

Develop budgets and ensure the department adheres to them

Collection of POS purchase requests and generate final PR for the purchasing department

Participate in developing policies and procedures

Manage staff

Hire, train, and terminate workers as needed

Determine salary brackets

Handle employee relations

Attend and preside over meetings

Maintain employee records

Manage and direct overall operations

Set goals for each department

Communicate goals to department heads

Measure the success of each department

Manage support staff

Delegate responsibility

Generate and present reports on departmental goals

Participate in seminars and conferences

Motivate and encourage employees

Participate in lead generation and product development

Ensure high customer and client satisfaction

Solicit customer feedback

Ensure inventory is stocked and constantly replenished

Promote the company's mission and values

Set district and regional goals