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Virtuozzo is the leading provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure software that enables service providers, ISVs and enterprises to deliver secure, robust and highly-performant virtualization, software-defined storage and hyperconverged platforms for applications and cloud services.

We are looking for a Senior Cloud Engineer to join our Cloud team.

Your mission:

  • Deploy, manage and monitor OpenStack-based solution using IaC (Ansible, Terraform)
  • Design monitoring systems for OpenStack and other solutions based on Prometheus
  • Implement custom monitoring/logging/deployment solutions in Python, Bash, Ansible and Terraform
  • Coordinate and document changes made
  • Working with support organization to maintain monitoring guidelines
  • Be ready to work as a separate unit with other DevOps and cloud engineers. We won't micromanage you.

Our expectations:

  • Proficiency in deploying, configuring and managing Prometheus-based monitoring (must)
  • Proficiency in writing code for IaC (Terraform, Ansiblle) (must)
  • Proficiency in deploying and managing OpenStack (must)
  • Proficiency in deploying, configuring and managing logging solution for OpenStack (must)
  • Experience with base QA and testing principles. Nobody will test your code except you.
  • Experience with CI/CD stack like Jenkins or Teamcity
  • Experience with implementation of custom roles in Ansible
  • Experience with implementation of exporters for Prometheus (plus)
  • Experience with any public cloud (AWS will be a plus)
  • Experience with virtualization (KVM) and containerization: Docker/Podman (K8S or Container Orchestration will be a big plus)
  • Programming skills (preferably Python, BASH or Go)
  • Understanding of Cloud engineering principles (networking, deployment, management, monitoring, operations)
  • Understanding of SCM flow (Git)
  • Understanding cloud architecture principles
  • Understanding cloud networking (VXLAN, container stack, open vSwitch) (BIG plus)
  • General networking and routing (BIG plus)

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