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GENEL NİTELİKLER VE İŞ TANIMI QUALIFICATIONS AND JOB DESCRIPTION Responsibilities Analyze and organize raw data,  Build data systems and pipelines, Evaluate business needs and objectives, Interpret trends and patterns, Conduct complex data analysis and report on results, Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling, Build algorithms and prototypes, Combine raw information from different sources, Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability, Identify opportunities for data acquisition, Develop analytical tools and programs, Collaborate with data scientists and architects on several projects. Requirements and skills Previous experience as a data engineer or in a similar role, Technical expertise with data models, data mining, and segmentation techniques, Knowledge of programming languages  (e.g. Java and Python), Knowledge in data modelling, data management and enterprise data management,  Knowledge in database structure principles and Relational DBMS with 3rd normal form relational modelling and dimensional modelling, Hands-on experience with SQL database design, Great numerical and analytical skills, Fluent in English, Degree in Computer Science, IT, or similar field; a Master’s is a plus, Data engineering certification is a plus.

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