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We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced game audio programmer to join our team. The ideal candidate for this position will be responsible for the development and implementation of all audio-related systems and features that enhance the overall gameplay experience of our video games.


- Developing, testing, and maintaining all aspects related to audio part of the game

- Collaborating with audio team to design and implement innovative audio systems

- Implementing SFX into the game world in collaboration with audio designers

- Creating custom middleware or engine tools as needed to support sound design workflows

- Optimizing game engine audio processing performance on various platforms

- Understanding of technical constraints and trade-offs while exploring new audio technologies to creatively overcome obstacles


- Proficiency with C++ and C# programming languages

- Experience with Fmod and Wwise audio middlewares

- Familiarity with DSP techniques used in video games


- Experience with modern production DAWs, such as Reaper

- Basic knowledge of frontend libraries like QT or ImGui

- Experience with popular game engines

- Comfortable with Agile methodologies

- Fluency in both spoken and written English