About Us

What we are looking for: · Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science related degree · Minimum 5 years of relevant experience as an Android developer · Inquisitive, determined, diligent, and has an open mind · Logical, tactful, problem-solver, self-learner · Zeal towards learning new things and towards growing in one’s career What you will be doing: · Study and understand solution design documents provided by the Supervisor to ensure a consistent understanding of project requirements. · Write standard codes as per the guidelines codes to develop the project as per technical requirements. · Provide technical solutions/feedback to the Engineering Manager and other team members during the project development process. · Perform unit testing of each task completed to ensure that the task has met the technical requirements. · Follow sprint and version planning as planned by the Engineering Manager. · Provide timely information and solutions/feedback to the Engineering Manager to minimize risks and control deviations in the project timeline. · Support Engineering Manager to assess the real-time status of project development. · Work closely with the Engineering Manager to prepare your professional development plan, and work diligently to fulfill planned learning activities. Competencies and Experiences that we are looking for: · Experience in Kotlin/ Java (extensions, data classes, sealed classes, objects, generics, inline classes, delegations, type aliases, coroutines, Flow, Lambda & higher-order functions) · Understanding of Android Coding Architecture & Patterns · Strong knowledge in the latest architecture design patterns like MVVM, Clean Architecture, Architecture components and memory management · Strong knowledge of Jetpack Components [ROOM DB, Navigation, Pagination, Compose, etc] · Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning · Experience with Android Studio, Android Components and UI Component, Animation & Design Guidelines · Experience with Testing & Debugging (unit testing, UI testing, and automation) and ability to use Android Profiler, analyze stack trace, and memory leaks · Experience with RESTful web services, GraphQL, web socket, streams, and parsing JSON/XML · Strong software engineering skills, can design and implement software projects from the ground up. · Strong coding and analytical skills · Good understanding of OOPS concepts, and Design patterns · Experience with DevOps, Git, or other version control tools · Understanding of the full mobile development life cycle · Proficient knowledge of the CI/CD pipeline Competencies and Experiences that are not mandatory but would excite us: · Experience with protobuf and Network Protocols · Experience to come up with reusable functions/objects that resolves the given problem with appropriate data structures and algorithms · Experience in SQLLite and able to perform CRUD operations, complex queries, views, and experts in RDBMS. · Strong knowledge in writing queries with enhanced performance and optimization. · Should have knowledge of DB migration & mirroring · Strong knowledge about handling cache files and directories and expose data using ContentProviders · High-caliber proficiency in Android SDK and experience with third-party SDKs and APIs Job Type: Full-time