About Us


  • Having basic knowledge of Java and the structure of the JVM.
  • Having basics knowledge of computer science and IT business management.
  • Having knowledge of leader operating systems(IBM AIX, Windows and Unix/Linux)
  • Experienced in planning, installation, configuration, administration and problem determination of application servers (IBM WebSphere, JBossAS/WildFly, WebLogic etc.) and web servers(Apache HTTP, IIS, Nginx, etc.).
  • Preferably having knowledge of logging and metric solutions (Graylog, Elastic Stack, etc..).
  • Preferably having knowledge of integration architectures(Apiman, RedHat 3scale etc.)
  • Preferably having knowledge of messaging and streaming solutions (RabbitMQ, IBM MQ, Kafka, Confluent etc..).
  • Being able to design or interpret CI/CD process with Bamboo, Jenkins, Argo CD, Atlassian Software Family and Azure DevOps.
  • Being able to analyze problems in APM tools (Riverbed, Dynatrace, Instana etc.)
  • Having knowledge of Docker, Rancher, OpenShift, Kubernetes.
  • Preferably knowledge of agile methodology, frameworks and tools.
  • Preferably able to write shell scripts in Linux/Unix operating system.


  • BA Degree with focus on engineering, physics and mathematics
  • Work experience min. 2-5 years in related area
  • Competence in communication, committee work and international projects
  • High analytical/conceptual/process-related/intercultural competence
  • End-customer- and retail-oriented thinking and acting
  • Focused on goals and results
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

Here in SabancıDx, our journey is to find the best version of ourselves and to create the best future together.

What we offer you:

  • Enjoying flexible hybrid working model through which you design your own experience.
  • The chance of working in a relaxing, green & fresh SabancıDx Digital Campus.
  • Opportunity to engage in gardening in our greenery area.
  • Having breakfast options and free of charge lunch with different menu alternatives at our Digi-Delight Cafeteria ?
  • An agile and innovative working environment where you GROW with learning and development opportunities.
  • Opportunity to be a part of an agile team that work on sustainability projects.
  • Experiencing our wellbeing approach that supports the combination of mind, body and soul with various opportunities like psychologists, personal trainers, dietitians and more.
  • Contributing with volunteer activities via Ability Pool online platform.
  • Feeling valued especially with our reward and recognition app, Thanxie!
  • Health insurance & benefits including technical devices.
  • Working with a Young, Curious, Brave, Growth Oriented, Loving Team!