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Data scientist marketing Jobs In Fujairah 2022 QuantumBlack

Job Description

A Data Scientist is needed. To keep our planet secure, you’ll join the Team and collaborate with specialists who design systems and solutions.

As a society, we value intellectual curiosity, a diverse range of perspectives, and the willingness to bring your complete self to work.

We also have an insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of what is considered feasible. In addition to being part of history, our workers are actively contributing to it.

Get started on your career with us.

Requirements :

Constantly looking for ways to improve and taking action on those findings Risk-taking, alternative methods, and organizational learning are all encouraged by this framework.

Personal commitment to change is shown via actions and words. During times of stress and uncertainty, you can help people embrace change.

Improves effectiveness by using the most current information available Collects and analyzes data on existing and future best practice trends.

Find out what’s going on with organizational and process difficulties that are affecting their success.

  • To be in charge of your own workflow, you need to find and implement high-impact projects, put requests from third parties in order of importance, and make sure projects are finished on time so that the results can be put to good use.
  • In addition to offering insights on current Product & Technology projects, you will come up with unique product growth prospects based on insights and develop momentum via influence.

If you want to learn SQL, R, Python, Tableau, etc., you’ll have to create a balance between critical thinking and real hands-on analysis.

Collaborate with development team to suggest data-driven improvements. Apply statistical and machine learning approaches to business data.

Work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial atmosphere with different teams and clients.

  • SQL, R, Python, and internal dashboards are used to analyze data. Analyze consumer behavior and sales to provide suggestions.
  • Proficient at using large data sets to find ways to improve products and processes, as well as models to see how well different actions work.

Proven ability to drive business results with database insights.

  • Has good time management abilities and can operate independently. Multitasks and prioritizes everyday work. Meets department and individual objectives on schedule and well.
  • It is able to discover and operationalize the underlying structure and relationships of the data using supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches.

This is possible to do. It is not difficult to achieve this objective.

Describe and explain the results of a model. Facilitates the understanding of convoluted business records Do what-if scenarios with a wide range of possible outcomes in mind.

There are processes and exceptions found to be unacceptable. Based on current trend estimations, identifies potential problems.

Data and money are analyzed by this person.

Skills :

  • PhD in Computer Science with a significant amount of research papers in the areas of Virtual Assistant and Natural Language Processing OR Master’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or comparable technical field with 5 years of relevant job experience.
  • Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Machine Comprehension, Question Answering / Conversational AI, Reinforcement Learning, Knowledge Graph, Causal Inference, and Experiment Design are among the quantitative domains in which you should be well-versed.
  • Having worked with and analyzed large data sets in statistical computer languages (Python, R, etc.) It would be best if you had experience with D3.

js, matplotlib, etc. Methods for machine learning like Random Forest, SVM, k-NN, Nave Bayes, and Gradient Boosting are good.

The ability to convince others involves diplomacy and trust. To be successful in this capacity, you must work effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

To execute one’s work properly, one must continually communicate with other departments and divisions to discuss difficulties, provide information, and discover solutions.

If you have a Master’s degree in Statistics (or a related quantitative topic), you will be required to have at least two years of experience working in a job that is comparable to the one you are applying for.

Expertise in predictive modeling, analytics for large amounts of data, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning.