About Us


Next4biz is a cloud based CRM & BPM solution that helps enterprises through their digital transformations. Our products are at the forefront of exciting new developments in the market. Our mission to change the way companies manage their customer relations and processes is, where the most significant areas of growth are in the industry.

Based on our financials in the past several years, our company has been selected as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Turkey and the EMEA region.

We have designed new projects to move the company towards achieving its globalization mission; as an early outcome, we opened our second office in the USA at the beginning of 2019.

As a result of the evaluations made by the Great Place To Work Turkey Institute, Next4biz was deemed worthy of the "Best Workplaces" award by providing the criteria for a great workplace with a high culture of trust.

Product Development Methodology

We are a young and dynamic team that creates leading solutions with vertical expertise. We carry out our work in a planned and systematic manner. We develop our products using iterative/incremental software development methodologies. Each iteration covers main software development stages and is aimed to gain a series of new features. We apply practices such as case driven requirement gathering, user interaction diagrams, object oriented design, as well as solution design workshops in order to develop products that meet the requirements of our customers in a timely manner with high quality.

We develop software products by strictly applying critical engineering principles; like layered architectures, microservices, design patterns, multi-tenancy, and similar approaches. During the version development sprints, the first stage is the solution design study. It consists of evaluating the business requirements, impact analysis and technical design of the product’s features. Quality assurance team applies manual & automated tests to validate the functionality and the performance of our products.

Our R&D Team is continuously working on new technologies & approaches such as deep learning, data mining, big data analysis in order to improve productivity and performance.

Our R&D team works on the hybrid (50%) model.

Why Work with Us ?

  • You will be the software business analyst in an innovative software company and r&d center.
  • You will be a member of the product team developing (SaaS) platforms that serve over 300+ enterprises, over 200.000 users and millions of customers worldwide.
  • Because Next4biz is an engineering company, it is always encouraged to adopt new technologies and approaches for the product development lifecycle.
  • We have a dynamic and collaborative working environment.
  • We always establish long term relationships based on trust and friendship.

Job Description

  • Analyze the customer requirements and develop software requirement specifications,
  • Prepare solution design reports addressing the customer requirements as well as new product features,
  • Design customer processes on Next4biz CRM & BPM platform,
  • Take a proactive role in customer projects, to carry out the necessary studies in business analysis, process design and testing,
  • Provide the most suitable solution by analyzing the requirements & issues of the customers,
  • Provide feedbacks to customers with effective communication during the project and after production,
  • Solve the customer issues, by communicating with the product development teams.


  • Deep understanding of software business analysis methodologies,
  • 2 years or more of experience in business analysis,
  • Provided product consultancy and process implementation in local and global projects,
  • Analytical thinking and detailed analysis competence,
  • Competent in understanding, prioritizing and resolving customer needs,

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