About Us

Netcompany and Intrasoft are both IT consulting and software development companies. Netcompany is a global IT consultancy firm that delivers business-critical digital platforms, agile IT solutions, and advisory services to customers in the public and private sectors. Intrasoft International, on the other hand, is a leading European IT solutions provider that offers innovative and comprehensive software solutions and services to customers in the public, financial, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors. 

Both companies have extensive experience in delivering complex IT solutions, digital transformation projects, and IT consultancy services. They have a strong track record of delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure IT solutions that help customers achieve their business goals. 

In 2021, Netcompany acquired Intrasoft International, which has expanded its reach and capabilities in the European market. The acquisition has strengthened Netcompany's position as a leading IT consultancy firm and enabled it to deliver even more innovative solutions to its customers.