About Us

Location: Abu Dhhabi – Department: Development Provide services for evaluation, planning, requirements analysis, design, coding and unit testing, system integration testing, implementation, deploying, providing service to, providing training for, maintaining or updating JIOWC web-based applications or web-enabling a current system. Use JIOWC standard software development languages (i.e. Adobe Coldfusion, Microsoft .NET and COM, C#, and JAVA). Web applications shall be developed for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and support current industry standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Design and develop web interfaces specific to the application using the JIOWC interface standards already in place and rapid application development principles to achieve a user-friendly interface design. Design and develop web based graphics (e.g. banners, icons, buttons, backgrounds, etc.) adhering to JIOWC standards and style sheets for a unified appearance. Use JIOWC provided development tools for graphics design (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Adobe Captivate). Provide support to develop or update classroom curriculum and/or computer based training (CBT) materials for supported systems as required by the JIOWC. Perform web server software (e.g. Adobe Coldfusion, Microsoft IIS, JAVA, etc.) installation, upgrade, and patch management as required, coordinating with network administrators to minimize impact on users. Collaborate with JIOWC Webmasters in the design, development, and maintenance of JIOWC websites and webpages to facilitate the distribution of IO products and data in a production environment to meet new user needs and respond to/anticipate technological innovations. Monitor server resources to identify utilization/consumption trends, and projecting when resource utilization/consumption will be such that delivery of services by the servers falls below acceptable performance levels for both physical and virtual servers utilizing software packages such as Microsoft and VMWare on both standalone and blade servers. Coordinate with the Database administrator on database requirements, design and develop the database schema required to meet the requirements of the application, and deploy the database in a production environment. The schema shall adhere to application specific requirements such as single user access, but viewable by many. Coordinate with network administrators on access security requirements required by the Intelligence Community to ensure data security and availability to all participating organizations. Access controls shall be put in place via username/password or PKI login as directed by the government to allow access by only registered users. Monitor and enforce web security and report breeches and maintain contact with DoD authorities to ensure sites meet cybersecurity and procedural requirements. Maintain and evaluate security audit control logs. Ensure access lists are maintained and ensure restricted content is audited for access attempts. Create and maintain developers’ guides and users’ guides conforming to the format provided by the JIOWC. Identify and resolve end users’ problems and concerns during the rapid application development and deployment phases of the application. Perform daily inspections of applicable logs to ensure web applications are functioning properly. Assist with assessment and authorization documentation, and assist with maintaining cybersecurity controls. Source files and documents to support authorization shall comply with one of the acceptable formats listed in DOD Instruction 8510.01, Risk Management Framework for DOD IT, and as specified by the JIOWC. Participate in conferences, technical interchange meetings, and user group meetings as a representative of the JIOWC. Typical conferences include the Intelink Technical Exchange Meeting, the Intelink Conference, and The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Information Sharing Conference. 7 years’ experience in requirements analysis, design, coding and unit testing, system integration testing, implementation, deploying, providing service to, providing training for, maintaining or updating web based applications/websites. Minimum of 5 years’ experience with at least one of the following web development software and technologies in use at the JIOWC: Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Captivate. Microsoft .Net environment. Adobe Coldfusion Application server and Coldfusion rapid application development language. Web server software (e.g. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server). Microsoft SharePoint Server. Knowledge of commercial and industry-standard web-application development software including Perl, PHP, Java, XML script writing, and newer web technologies. IAT Level II Certification (A+, Network+, or Security+ )