About Us


Founded in 1990, Mak-Is is a pioneer company focusing on manufacturing of parts and components used in mining machinery.

Due to a very promising R&D project; we are looking for a passionate BACK-END DEVELOPER.

What you’ll do

• Take on the server and processing side of the project with Python

• Ensure the code is protected and safe on the cybersecurity side

• Work with other engineers to test and debug the code and integrate the software to the

mechanical components

• Provide clear, editable, and comprehensible code to the team

• Attend weekly meetings to present the improvements in the process

• Adhere to the deadlines and deliver tasks on time

• Work coherently with the rest of the team

• Adopt reusable design and development processes for future use

• Deliver the needs of the stakeholders to the application accurately and robustly


Skills and Experiences

• Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer

Engineering, or a related field

• Good command of Python and Python Libraries related to machine learning and vision

processing, such as SciPy and NumPy

• Good command of TensorFlow, OpenCV, and/or scikit-learn

• To have a strong desire to pursue a career in vision processing & having demonstrated passion for vision processing algorithms

• Ability to work in a team environment

• Experience in IoT applications

• Knowledge of Software Architecture Design, and principles of design patterns 

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