Koç Finansman A.Ş.

About Us

Koçfinans is the first and leading Financing Company of Turkey founded in 1995 in İstanbul.

We are providing loans mainly for the automotive, white appliances and consumer electronics, kitchen and furniture, motorcycle, education and real estate sectors.

We have started agile transformation at 2017 with our Software Development Teams and since 2020 we have enhanced this transformation to the whole company. Each person at Koçfinans is now working with agile methods within our agile team. Just a few months after starting agile transformation in 2017 we also started a digital transformation which enabled us to produce microservices, Rest Api’s, new age javascript SPA’s with the help of devops, opensource technologies, TDD and DDD methodologies. Kocfinans IT also serves as an R&D center till December of 2019.

We are looking for ambidextrous engineers who are willing to work closely/together with or as a part of the business agile teams, make analysis, give some of the most significant decisions for the company and are bold, open minded and curious in software development.

As a Full-stack Developer at Kocfinans, here is what you can do:

· Build state of the art microservices, API’s and SPA’s.

· Work on distributed software systems using Java, spring boot, JavaScript, React.js and Typescript.

· Work with the best technologies/techniques available for CI/CD.

· Auto-scale, Kubernetes , Jenkins, ELK Stack, TICK Stack, Sonarqube, Keycloak and many other state of the art open source tools.

· Work on both RDBMS and NoSQL databases; Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and messaging queues; RabbitMQ etc.

· Be the champion for the quality of software and resolving any issues regarding product delivery. Code unit tests, integration tests, CDC tests and API tests. Enjoy TDD.

· Learn every day.

· Talk about technology at TechTalk sessions.

· Write blogs.

· Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title.

And here’s what you are supposed to bring:

· Development and delivery experience with Java and spring boot and rest API’s.

· Strong Linux operational capability as running, building, packaging, deploying software and writing environment manifests.

· Understanding of Devops culture, familiarity with CI/CD tools and containerization.

· Passion for software engineering and craftsman-like coding courage.

· Great OO skills, including strong design patterns knowledge.

· Knowledge of software best practices, like TDD and BDD.

Deprem felaketinin yaralarını sarmak üzere depremin meydana geldiği ilk günden bu yana çalışmaya devam ediyoruz. Bu kapsamda Full Stack Developer iş ilanımız için kendisi veya birinci derece yakınları depremden etkilenen adaylarımıza öncelik tanıyacağımızı belirtmek isteriz.

You can find some of our work with the links below




*This is not a remote job.