About Us


• Preferably graduated from Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and similar departments of Universities (undergraduate, graduate student or graduate) or have received education on software development,

• Having knowledge of English at a level to follow the technical literature,

• Having an analytical point of view, solution and result oriented in the face of problems

• Have strong interpersonal communication skills

• Willing to work as a team member

• Enthusiastic in terms of increasing team competence, open to experience sharing

• Enjoys following the developments in the field and doing R&D

• Curious, open to learning new technologies

• Responsible and abiding by the rules

• Not related to military service,


• Have sufficient knowledge of software design principles

• Knowledge of C# language including the most up-to-date versions,

• Experienced in ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC, Web Api,

• Preferably developed with MySQL or any of the relational database technologies

• Developed applications preferably in microservice architecture

• Preferably developed with any of the ORM libraries such as Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Dapper

• Knowledge of HTML-CSS,

• Experienced in RESTful and SOAP services,


• Taking part in developed software projects

• Producing functional and quality applications/application parts by writing codes in accordance with standards and determined patterns

• To examine the errors that may occur in the application, to identify the problem and to produce solutions

• Examining the codes developed by teammates and commenting when necessary