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Responsible for demand analysis, Including of one or more modules, code testing, unit testing, integration testing, static inspection, local composition, test environment structures, problem location, Data development and so on.

Position Requirements

Business Skills Requirements :

  • 1) familiar with the distributed architecture, distributed software development experience;
  • 2) familiar with Openstack, WMWare and other cloud operating system software;

3) Experience in cloud computing and large data / SDN / NFV development;4

4)skilled use of the database for performance tuning;

5)with good communication skills, hard, dedicated, motivated, have a good team spirit. The technology has passion, like to study

Professional Knowledge Requirement :

  • 1)information systems / computer / communications and other related professional, undergraduate and above, English through four and above;
  • 2)familiar with at least one of C / C ++, JAVA, Python, JS, master common data structures, algorithms, understand software engineering, agile development and other knowledge, familiar with common design patterns;

3)to understand the database field one or more characteristics of the core principles of the distribution, consistency and other algorithms have a certain understanding.

4)communication business background, network communication related protocol STP / OAM / MPLS / OSPF / DHCP;

5)there are several areas of business, cloud computing and large data field development experience is preferred.

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