About Us

Hearverse Music Ecosystem Hearverse Music Ecosystem has created a global distribution model as an alternative method of earning revenue from music collaboration models for decentralized publishing and the new tools available to artists to access their fans and generate revenue through our worldwide distribution system. we created a decentralized financial structure to collect the best catalogs and invest in them by DAO. Additionally, we created a solution-based new ecosystem consisting of Metaverse DAO, NFT2.0 Music, Web3 Music Tools, and Music royalty funds to help successful artists. Hearverse consists of three layers: Protocol: Create multimedia music assets for on-chain distribution. Platform: Providing creators and fans with curated services. Ecosystem: A lifecycle of ecological activity powered by curated assets. Talented Team We assembled a talented team that includes leaders, founders of high-value projects, Gaming studios, pioneers, Full Stack developers, and artists working in UNL5, metaverse, and web3. On our team, there is an empty position for a senior front-end developer In order to gain an understanding of how these technologies are being used to create new opportunities for the discovery and distribution of Hearverse Music Ecosystem. What We Want? Web3 Frontend Developer We are looking for an experienced and dedicated Frontend Developer to build and maintain the user interface and always improve usability and customer experience. If you feel addressed, you have the opportunity to help bringing back fairness and fun to the music industry. For Developing: A Next-generation Music NFT Marketplace A music NFT marketplace curated by DAO Hearverse that uses AI,HV Ecosystem, and solution-based NFTs format. Our goal is to build a decentralized Chain, programmatic music ecosystem with sustainable on-chain and off-chain revenue models for artists and fans. We're customizing a battle-tested NFT commerce infrastructure with social features, that includes a multichain NFT marketplace and later a platform currency and governance token. Features Mint Next-gent Music NFT format Support On-chain&Of-chain royalty Rich metadata format Management spilit protocol On-Chain licensing of Digital Asset Rights Tracking Fans Seating Our software will be used by fans to buy and trade music NFTs as well as gain access to an artists community space, discover new music talent and invest in their favorit artists. We want to be able to serve millions of users, providing a beautiful, fun and engaging user experience. Our goal is to change the music industry forever. Payment Method Since we split the revenue from our projects among ourselves, this arrangement usually generates more income than a stable salary for each team member. That is something that we can assist you with, too. We are not just interested in funding our products, but we are also interested in building long-term business relationships. Job Type: Full-time Salary: AED400,000.00 - AED700,000.00 per year Application Deadline: 04/03/2023