Gramercy Networks

About Us

Gramercy Networks is a global, facilities-based licensed carrier of enterprise and telecommunications services that provides low latency connectivity. We focus on investing and developing the fastest global and transcontinental routes between capitols, major cities, financial trading centers, critical corporate operations centers, and other end point locations.

We are seeking Senior Network Engineers to serve as part-time instructors and technical advisors as we create a virtual training curriculum for our partners and customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. In particular, we are seeking Network Engineers experienced in optical fiber network design, planning, construction and/or O&M, or optical fiber network NOC operations and related network management systems (NMS). This role is a perfect fit for network engineers with 7+ years of experience supporting metro, regional or national networks who are looking to apply their expertise towards new and unique projects with a global focus.

In this role, you will use your expertise to help Gramercy Networks create content for a series of virtual training courses to support and educate our partners and customers on optical fiber network development, operations and best practices. Your duties will include:

  • Provide real-world technical expertise to assist with development of training course curriculum
  • Assist the internal training team with development of educational products and technical materials
  • Review training course materials for accuracy and real-world applicability based your areas of expertise
  • Offer internal training demonstrations and help craft new training course content
  • Provide technical advisory support towards new business opportunities
  • Support internal technology research and development activities in accordance with your areas of expertise