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To design, develop, implement and maintain technology solutions and products that support flydubai working in a cross functional team with a focus on problem resolution and adopting flydubai software standards. This position also oversees and peer reviews any completed works in the area of responsibility prior to release.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES * Leads technical design and builds for small to medium sized solutions in a team. This involves translating functional and non-functional requirements into fit for purpose technical designs and solutions.

  • Ensures solution performance, business edge cases and security related issues are mitigated and resolved while developing software and prior to release.
  • Debugs complex code and identifies potential issues adhering to design documents to optimize the efficiency and performance. This involves analysis of data and evaluation of identifiable factors and potential solutions.
  • Peer reviews all code with a focus on good coding principles.
  • Translates business requirements into potential technical solutions based on technical design and best practice coding principles.
  • Works with Senior Technical Engineers in the technical design process by contributing to the analysis of technical application requirements.
  • Automates unit tests carrying out testing independently. This involves troubleshooting issues and fixes defects that are considered moderate to high in complexity.
  • Shadows Senior Technical Engineers on design and architecture components and collaborates with members of the cross functional team to identify areas of inefficiency and proposes solutions.
  • Develops solutions based on ‘Microservice/Microfrontend’ architecture adopting functional programming styles and follows ‘DevOps/GitOps’ practices
  • Designs and develops solutions for hybrid cloud, distributed, scalable and multi-region deployments ensuring that the solution traceable and observable.
  • Contributes to the development and future update of a flydubai ‘Software Engineering Playbook’ and other standards documents adhering to best practice coding standards, guidelines and documentation.

Minimum Education Level Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or Equivalent)
  • Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field
Experience Specific Requirements
  • Experience in the design and development of large scale and mission critical business applications
  • Airline experience and working in multi culture environment is preferred
  • Preferred No. of Years (with Relevant Degree) - 5
  • Customer Focus
  • Team work
  • Effective Communication
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment to achieve
  • Resilience and Flexibility (Can do attitude)
ISR Requirements
Reads and complies with the ISR policies of the Company and diligently reports any weakness or incidents to the respective Line Manager or the Information Security team. Completes all required ISR awareness sessions and follows associated guidelines in the day to day business operations.

Warning on Recruitment Fraud

flydubai is aware of a number of e-mails, letters and SMS or Whatsapp messages in circulation recently, claiming to be offers of employment from flydubai.

These offers often look legitimate and may include job descriptions, salary, and benefit details.

The offers then direct recipients to provide bank account details.

Although these offers may appear genuine, they are fraudulent and should be deleted immediately and not responded to.

flydubai does not send emails, letters or other messages requesting your bank account details

in order to process documents. flydubai will also never refer you to a third party to process applications or visas. Official communications from flydubai will only come from an email

address ending in and job opportunities with flydubai are advertised on

flydubai's websites.

If you receive any e-mail, letter or other message which you have not requested or are

expecting and it purports to be from flydubai, please contact us at and include the subject line “Recruitment Fraud” to confirm the authenticity of the message.

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