Flayer Game Studios

About Us

Please read the whole thing carefully before applying. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.

We are developing a next generation battle royale style survival game using Unreal Engine 4 ( Blueprint ) at Flayer Game Studios. This is a general reference. It will be evaluated separately as Backend ( Modeling , coding ), Frontend ( Unreal Engine 4 ) or Full Stack Developer.

As Game Developer, we are looking for a teammate who will be trained by us (trial process) or experienced in the field. Currently, volunteering is essential. We have investment assurance from investors . We will receive investment when the alpha demo of the project is finished. 80-90 percent of the project is finished. There will be a fee distribution when investment is received or income is generated from projects.

Working type :Remote / Freelance


Please apply if you can spare time as a freelance. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.


1- Willing to learn, curious, interested or knowledgeable in game development

2- Self-learning effort will be made.

3- Will be able to keep up with our medium-paced working strategy that never gives up.

4 -He loves his job and gives importance to the seriousness of teamwork.

5- We are looking for candidates who are confident and love teamwork.

Working type : Volunteer