About Us

About Farmazon

Founded in 2014 as the first B2B marketplace for pharmacies, Farmazon is the leading software company with a vibrant community of 29.000 pharmacists all over the country. Farmazon continues to shape the future of the pharmaceutical procurement landscape by providing the most innovative and intuitive technological tools.

We have grown fast thanks to our young and dynamic team, awarded Great Place to Work 2022 and 2023.

We are looking for a Devops Engineer with Kubernetes experience. You will be maintaining multiple Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

We divided the devops tasks into two parts in our organization: Application work and Infrastructure work. Application specific devops work (e.g. setup of app specific alarms) is going to be handled by each product’s own Scrum team. This role is for handling the Infrastructure work that affects all applications.


  • Build and maintain CICD pipelines (Jenkins, Github)
  • Setup and maintain Helm charts for Kubernetes clusters
  • Setup and maintain Kubernetes clusters on AWS
  • Setup monitoring & alarm infrastructure for Kubernetes and AWS managed components
  • Setup auto scaling rules within the cluster and also on AWS using auto scaling groups.
  • Dockerize applications with the help of development teams
  • Handle configuration, deployment and maintenance of commonly used standard components such as ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB etc.
  • Perform AWS cost optimization for the clusters and other AWS resources such as RDS.
  • Create Root Cause Analysis reports for outages.


  • 3+ years of experience in managing Kubernetes clusters on AWS.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Electronics or a similar discipline.
  • Knowledge of at least 1 scripting language (js, python etc)
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Analytical thinking
  • Familiarity with Cloudflare CDN is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Jira and Google Docs & Sheets is a plus.
  • Familiarity with .net core apps is a plus.
  • Familiarity with node.js apps is a plus.

What we offer

Modern tech stack:

  • Coding: .Net Core on back end and iOS / Android / React.js Web on front end
  • CICD: Github, Jenkins, Helm charts, Kubernetes, AWS
  • Monitoring: Graylog, Grafana, Cloudwatch
  • Persistence/Cache: MSSql, Mongo, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • We provide a basic devops training to improve Docker, AWS and Kubernetes devops skills of our backend developers.

Documented Processes and Output Focus:

We have an engineering playbook where all IT roles & processes are documented. We don’t require time logging but expect you to work during regular work hours. We measure your output.

Perks and benefits will you have:

  • Competitive salary
  • Private health insurance because we really care about your health
  • Various digital platform subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify etc.
  • Various types of annual and other leaves
  • Referral bonus system in which employees get paid when their referred candidate is hired
  • Personal training support budget
  • Books as appreciation gifts from your coworkers
  • Employee wellbeing program
  • Being part of a fabulous team
  • A team that values open communication, multidimensional leadership and teamwork
  • A dynamic work environment which relies on collaboration
  • Never-ending opportunities for learning and improvement
  • Social events organized to lift the Farmazon team culture spirit