Earsis Technologies Ltd. Şti.

About Us

We are looking for

Embedded Software Engineers


Earsis Technologies is an R&D company located in METU Technopolis, focusing primarily on high performance embedded systems used in energy and defense industries. Our company creates high technology products and offer high added-value services.

What we do:

  • We create analog/digital embedded systems that are used by leading companies in their industries.
  • We boot-up custom made processor boards from different families namely; PowerPC-QorIQ and Ti-Keystone.
  • We support operating systems on these processors by implementing their board specific drivers.
  • We build tailored versions of operating systems for target processor boards and applications.
  • We create applications that are running on these platforms.
  • We also implement digital systems running on FPGAs and make use of them in our products.
  • We excel in Radar and Electronic Warfare Embedded Applications.

What we offer:

  • A great opportunity of being one of the top embedded systems engineers.
  • A friendly environment to learn and gain experience with real responsibilities about projects.
  • A chance to jump ahead of your junior years and become a senior in a fast growing company.

What we require:

  • Most importantly, motivation for engineering
  • Willingness to work in a challenging environment
  • Creative thinking
  • Detail orientation
  • Belief in Testing and Quality