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Delta Informatics

About Us

Delta Informatics is a professional software development company, founded in Amman in 1993, by a seasoned core team of bright young professional software developers with a vision of becoming the key to delivering high-tech solutions in the local and regional markets. 


Delta has succeeded in implementing their systems in a large number of governmental institutions and companies working in the commercial, financial, administrative, industrial, water management, microfinance and leasing institutions, seaports management, free zone management, as well as the judicial systems of Sharia courts.

Since it was established, Delta Informatics engineered key technological partnerships with a number of esteemed firms and organizations in such countries as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Serra Leon, and Afghanistan. Delta Informatics became a leader in building and maintaining superlative information solutions using Client-Server and n-tier web solutions, with the architecture and infrastructure to support such a competitive system capable of the following:

  • Reducing cost. 
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased profit.
  • A solution fully documented and user-friendly.
  • A solution that is easily extensible and maintainable.

Today, Delta Informatics is one of the leading providers of integrated solutions in the IT field for many major institutions operating in the government sector as well as the private sector, with strong expertise in developing industry-focused software applications as per market trends with e-payment, mobile apps, and e-services.

using the latest Oracle technologies.

Delta Informatics is committed to continuous research and development, Delta has maintained effective and updated products and services with the latest global versions of programming and development tools. Therefore, our team recognizes that confidence is the capital of economic investment; therefore, we have pledged ourselves to serve our customers and win their trust through timely implementation with the advice of experienced consultants, in addition to implementing tailored and streamlined systems to meet each client's specific needs.

Delta Informatics is managed by an experienced management and supported by a technical team with long unique experience in management, marketing, software development, and technical support. We invest in our people, as we believe they are our greatest assets. Based on our staff experience, we put together our best professionals’ resources that have just the right experience for what it takes to deliver the project.

Delta Mission

Our mission is to combine advanced technology, management knowledge, and qualified experience to create both company and customer superiority. It is exemplified in the following motto:

“Our Mission is to provide ERP Solution with quality services to suit the trend of digitizing”