Conrad Mühendislik

About Us

Conrad Engineering; It has been producing 3D Ground scanning detectors for more than 15 years with its expert staff. It exports to many countries with the brand GROUNDTECH in the world market.
Conrad Engineering; It attaches importance to understanding the needs of its customers and aims to develop its products accordingly. For this purpose, we are looking for experienced teammates who will take an active role in the development of new projects and products.

- Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or related departments
- More than 3 years of experience in embedded software,
- Proficiency in C language,
- Experienced in ST, Microchip, Nuvoton, TI etc related microcontroller platforms,
- Having knowledge and experience about ADC, DAC, SPI, I2C, USART,
- Experience in digital signal processing
- Proficient in microcontroller IDE design/development tools,
- Participated from start to finish in a product development project involving hardware and software integration
- Competent in algorithm development and problem solving
- Analytical thinking, analysis and algorithm design skills
- Researching, following technological innovations, open to learning and development
- Prone to teamwork and good communication skills