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Business Analyst / RPA Process Consultant**

**Job Brief:**

We are seeking a dynamic Business Analyst / RPA Process Consultant to join our team. This role will be responsible for analyzing and evaluating our existing business processes and identifying opportunities for automation. The ideal candidate will be capable of translating business needs into IT solutions and will have a strong understanding of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI-based solutions.


- Evaluate business processes, anticipate requirements, uncover areas for improvement, and develop and implement solutions.

- Translate business needs into application and operational requirements.

- Identify automation opportunities within the business and assess the suitability of the process for automation.

- Analyze, understand, and document the business processes in detail.

- Design automation process solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions.

- Work closely with the development team to implement automated processes and ensure their successful deployment.

- Ensure that the implemented solutions align with business needs and requirements.


- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, IT, or related field.

- Proven experience as a Business Analyst or in a similar role, with experience in process automation or as an RPA consultant.

- Strong knowledge and understanding of business needs, with the ability to establish and maintain high levels of customer trust and confidence.

- Excellent analytical skills and the ability to translate business functionality and opportunities into clear, precise, and easy-to-read functional specifications.

- Understanding and experience with RPA technologies (like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism).

- Knowledge of AI-based solutions and their application in process automation is a plus.

This job description represents a unique role that combines the skills and responsibilities of a Business Analyst and RPA Process Consultant, ideal for our AI conversation platform company. It is expected that the successful candidate will have a strong understanding of both areas, allowing for efficient and effective execution of their duties.

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