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Job Description
Pollentium is looking to hire a Blockchain Developer to join its development team. As a member of the
team, you will be working closely with the developers, focusing on the entirePollentium platform
development and testing with a special focus on Blockchain integration of the platform, implementing
Smart Contracts, auditing and recommending best practices.
As Pollentiumis a startup with an exciting journey ahead, your contributions will have a great impact on
the future of the company and you would be able to grow alongside it.
As a Blockchain Developer, you will be responsible for all Blockchain-related tasks from platform
integration to smart contracts in addition to general development and bug fixes. You will implement
all smart contracts for the platform, do auditing and recommend best practices on how to best
utilise Blockchain within the Pollentium platform.
Your duties will include the following:
Fully understanding the goal of Pollentium and contributing to the technical design of
Blockchain integration
Working on general bug fixes and development gaps
Implementing secure smart contracts on best-known smart contract languages
Mastering new blockchain frameworks and smart contract languages;
Making sure the tokenomics of the platform is sound
Evaluating side chains and other Blockchains and recommending suitable solutions
Handling transition to a different Blockchain such as Cardano
Monitoring the Crypto scene and recommending best practices in launch, trading and
Assisting other developers with the implementation of specific tasks and testing
At least 2 years of experience working on the Ethereum Blockchain writing smart contracts
Deep technical knowledge of Blockchain technologies across the board
Proficient in Solidity
Experience with Haskell Programming Language
Experience with Python, NodeJs and JavaScript
Technical knowledge of the Cardano Blockchain
Experience with Plutus or certification from Plutus Pioneer Program
Solution Focused
Excellent communication skills and ability to work as part of a team
Fluent English
Data-driven decision making