About Us

Chery is a leading Chinese auto company. Its business scope covers the R&D, production and sales of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mini cars, special vehicles, powertrain system and other products. It has sold more than 8.75 million vehicles, providing products and services for users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world every day.

The Product Manager will have the following responsibilities...

  • Lead the identification of opportunities across each segment of the local market. Lead the planning of new models and provide guidance on product definition, product positioning and specifications definition;
  • Lead the collection of market information, including automotive industry policies, weekly/monthly sales, brand/model/version sales, macro environment and information of auto industry;
  • Lead the collection of competitor information, by establishing and maintaining a database (price, volume, version, configuration, parameters), new model launching, marketing activities, and sales strategy;
  • Lead the certification progress and coordination with certification institutions, maintaining relationships. Also responsible for new car certification (including actual testing) and constantly monitoring local laws and regulations;
  • Identify trends of end customer’s requirements, to provide helpful prediction for future products design and development.
  • Assist product survey among potential customers and general public. Analyse and present the research results;
  • Organize test drives of new products and competitive products, and supervise and implement the implementation of the general test drive plan.
  • Cooperate with the after-sales service department to participate in product quality-related investigations, coordinate the on-site restructuring process, and confirm and accept the results.


  • Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in automotive engineering, machinery engineering, industry design, automation, IT;
  • Professional experience: more than 10 years of work experience in automobile product area, more than 5 years as product director. Successful product launch and management;
  • Good relationship with local certification institutions;
  • Strong communication and coordination ability, planning ability and execution ability; relationship establishment and maintenance capabilities;
  • Strong ability to withstand pressure; strong subjective initiative, daring to innovate and break through.
  • Language: English as working language.