About Us

Brightminds unlocks hidden value in Jordan through dedicated technology center(s) that cater to international clients outside the kingdom. We have a proven track record in engineering and management leadership and have developed multi-hundred-person software engineering, development and technical support centers in Jordan, serving high-tech and market leading enterprise international clients successfully. Our clients include advanced US / European software product companies who are looking to achieve their business objectives through the scalable

addition of an efficient technology center in the EU time zone.

Brightminds’ mission is to accelerate the success of its technology clients through diversifying a client’s technology capacity within 1 hour of the EU time zone, increase technology development capacity, provide more timely support, and support relevant client implementations, through the launch and setup of highly specialized, strategically located tech centers in Jordan.

The proposed Technical Center in Jordan will work on globally relevant projects or programs for its clients. The technology center will serve as an extension of the client’s technology departments, leveraging the client’s training, culture, excellence, systems, processes, and innovation.

Our staff is local talent with a 46% female representation in total. In addition to that, 60% of our management team are women.