BİAS Mühendislik

BİAS Mühendislik

About Us

BIAS is an engineering company that provides data acquisition, processing and analysis, design, test and validation services to its clients in automotive, defence, and manufacturing industries. Smart Mobility division was launched with the aim of the enhancement in driving comfort and road safety, optimization of transportation costs and fuel consumption/carbon emissions, and discovering new generation transportation technologies enabled with the collected data.

We want to create solutions for the mobility ecosystem using the connected vehicle data. We use our custom data acquisition tools with basic ADAS functionality for the acquisition of the required data to reach our goals. Collected data is processed to build our innovative data products on the edge, and the cloud.

We are looking for a teammate to join our software team for designing, developing, and implementing software solutions for our mobility project. Our Company aiming to develop creative ideas to mobility. Our innovative team are waiting you to solve challenging problems.

Possible Responsibilities not limited to:

  • Computer vision
  • Deep learning (Data Preprocessing, Computer Vision (Opencv), Darknet, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch)
  • Machine learning (Data Preprocessing, Data Manipulation, Model Selection)
  • Sensor fusion
  • Data acquisition, cleaning, labelling
  • ADAS function development
  • Cloud Computing

Minimum Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

  • Strong in software programming with related engineering degree (Computer Science, Mechatronic, etc.)
  • Proficient in C, C++ and Python development tools in a Linux environment
  • Experienced in embedded software projects and experienced in artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning
  • Experienced in high performance parallel processing techniques on GPU and CPU (CUDA, OpenCL etc.)
  • Hands-on experienced of development to solve problems such as: regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, structured output and anomaly detection.
  • Experienced with modern frameworks such as: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe, etc.
  • Being a good team player and have good communication skills.
  • Searching and trying hard for solutions.
  • Preferably experience in automotive systems

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Designing, training and verifying machine learning models
  • Prototype new ideas/technologies to create proof of concept and demos
  • Delivering high quality software design, documentation and implementation