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About Us

Beymen, one of the significant performers of Turkey and the world luxury fashion scene, and Turkey's leading brands Network and Divarese, joined the investment fund of Mayhoola as Beymen Group in 2019. As a continuance of Mayhoola's investments since 2015, this move is the biggest foreign investment ever made in the Turkish luxury retail and fashion industry. In addition to Beymen Group, the Mayhoola’s mutual fund portfolio includes world-leading brands such as Valentino, Balmain and Pal Zileri.

Following the motto of moving towards the future by renewing itself every day and keeping the spirit of the time, Beymen Group invites you to the inspiring world of fashion by presenting more than 900 brands all together in Beymen stores, boutiques of world-famous brands, Beymen Club, Network and Divarese stores, e-commerce and mobile applications.

Beymen Group, which makes a difference in society with its principles, values and social responsibility understanding, is looking for DevOps Engineer for our family, who are creative, passionate, courageous, constantly learning and adopting customer satisfaction as a principle!

Qualifications :

· At least 3 years of experience as DevOps Engineer is a must

· Experience with cloud services, preferably Azure

· Experience with containerization, orchestration technology (Docker, Kubernetes)

· Being familiar with HELM package manager for Kubernetes is a plus

· Familiarity with monitoring and log management frameworks (ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, Newrelic, etc)

· Knowledge of zero-down time deployment

· Experience with setting up and configuring CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Azure DevOps)

· Familiar with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (Ansible, Terraform)

· Good at analytical thinking, result-oriented, team-oriented, open-minded

Job Description :

· Manage and improve cloud infrastructure

· Deploy infrastructure updates and fixes

· Monitor application/web servers performance

· Develop and maintain automation tools to reduce manual operational tasks

· Develop and manage CI/CD pipelines and utilize tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes etc. to orchestrate software deployments

· Will be collaborating closely with engineering teams to improve development team productivity and optimize engineering processes and SDLC.

· Will be collaborating with security and engineering teams to improve security aspects of ecommerce sites and mobile apps

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