Beecell-Al-Mutatwera for Mobile Applications

Beecell-Al-Mutatwera for Mobile Applications

About Us

Since 2004, Beecell has committed to providing innovative, reliable, and professional Digital Media services. We are connected directly to over 40 mobile network operators in more than 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and other countries.

Our Digital Media products and services include creating and licensing content which is then offered to consumers through different media channels such as mobile phones and social media platforms.

Beecell also acts as a mobile billing aggregator enabling other companies to take advantage of its connectivity with mobile operators which means quick time-to-market product launches. We also offer our expertise in marketing digital media products and services to different local markets.

Other products and services which are listed on our web site include customized and localized digital content production, managing mobile operator content services, service delivery platforms, content management systems, and mobile advertising.