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Job Description

  • Validate business and system requirements from Product Managers & Architects to transfer requirements into code.
  • Develop services around data warehousing, big data, cloud computing.
  • Participate in DevOps, continuous development and integration frameworks.
  • Programming in Go high-level language.
  • Work on deployment automation/configuration management with tools including but not limited Ansible or Azure Pipelines, Cloud Formation, Terraform following a DevOps model.
  • Ensure all appropriate documentation of processes and source code is created and maintained.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, leaders, and customers throughout the organization.
  • Participate in expert level troubleshooting and resolve bugs through root cause analysis, data and system investigation.

Requirements for a candidate

  • Strong proficiency in the Go programming language for 3 years, with a solid understanding of its core concepts and idiomatic usage and the principles of writing concurrent code.
  • Strong skills in code profiling and debugging.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to analyze complex technical issues.
  • Experience in writing unit tests and integration tests.
  • Experience working with message brokers and a deep understanding of how they operate.
  • Experience with external caching servers
  • Advanced understanding of microservices architecture design principles
  • Confident command of SQL databases and skills in working with them
  • Experience with NATS JetStream
  • Experience with other programming languages and technologies (e.g., PHP, Docker, Kubernetes) is a plus

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