Astek Middle East

About Us

Astek Middle East is looking for a Artificial Intelligence Engineer to be based in Abu Dhabi, UAE for one of our client:

The AI Cross Unit explores cutting-edge research problems as well as core ML infrastructure for distributed learning. As an AI Engineer, you will be a working in a close collaboration with the researcher to transform their proposals into concrete, optimized, and scalable implementation. You will be working on both the algorithmic side but also the infrastructure side. You will work closely with team to architect, build, and improve solutions for cloud and Edge ML.

Job Responsibilities:

• Design and develop AI models to meet project requirements

• Convert AI/ML models into APIs that other developers can use

• Perform statistical analysis on big data sets

• Manage project infrastructure and the development of AI models and projects

• Work with other colleagues to develop machine learning models

• Take offline models built by our researchers and turn them into a real machine learning production system

• Develop and deploy scalable tools and services to handle machine learning training and inference

• Identify and evaluate new technologies to improve performance, maintainability, and reliability of our machine learning systems

• Apply software engineering rigor and best practices to machine learning, e.g., automation.

• Communicate with different stakeholders in the eco-system

• Stay connected to industry standards and practices

• Contribute to technology transfers through the implementation of the research findings into proof of concept (PoC) according to the research needs

• Contribute to existing documentation or educational content and adapt content based on product/program updates and user feedback


  • An BSc or MSc degree in Software engineering, machine learning or related field with 3+ years’ experience as in a related role
  • Strong software engineering skills in complex, multi-language systems
  • Strong proficiency in one or more common languages (e.g., C++, Java, Python)
  • Comfort with Linux administration
  • Experience working with cloud computing and database systems
  • Good knowledge of common ML tools (e.g., Spark, TensorFlow, PyTorch)