Asfar Plus Application

Asfar Plus Application

About Us

We are an online platform on smartphones and search engines in both Arabic and English, specialized in promoting tourism facilities and helping tourists to obtain the best tourism services in all countries, where we start today from Jordan in the capital Amman, and we will expand in the next phase to cover the largest number of Countries.

Asfar Plus interact with tourists to highlight and discover archaeological and tourist sites, in addition it works to identify and locate all nearby services by selecting between preferred hotels, resorts and apartments or by review current prominent activities such as trips, camps, events and book it easily.

Also Asfar Plus Aims to promote all tourism providers and archaeological sites spread in all countries of the world, where every tourism facility, user or guide can register in our platform and manage his services and information to users.

Asfar Plus is interactive platform, where users and tourists can share his tourism experiences to all browsers, by creating his own page within the application, so that he can publish the videos and pictures that document about his experience