About Us


We are looking for technical managers/senior engineers for software teams developing embedded software for company’s inhouse ethernet switch/router series.

Salary will be competitive.


Graduated from Computer, Electronic, Electrical - Electronics and Electronics and Communication Engineering departments of universities,

At least 3 years of experience in C programming languages ​​(Preferably ARM platform),

Worked in application writing/development processes on Linux Systems,

Knowledge/exposure of/to embedded systems/programming

Linux/Unix system/user space programming concepts: concurrent programming, IPC, socket communication, multi-threading, real-time.

Networking skills: Layer 2 (Ethernet protocols): all IEEE... 802.1Q, P, W, S, AD... ; Layer 3 / 4 related protocols: IPv4/v6, TCP, UDP, etc.

Strong analysis, design and development skills and experience

Agile/Scrum planning and process improvement.

Strong coding, compiling and debugging skills.