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A leading Sharjah-based ERP software company requires a lady software GUI/Web Developer to design, develop, support, and maintain enterprise applications. Job Description: - ------------------------ 1. Design, Develop and maintain Web projects based in MYSQL as the backend with C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS as the front-end and other front-end languages. 2. Projects created should be interactive and mobile-friendly. Job Requirements: - --------------------------- 1. Strong knowledge in C++ and OOPS concept 2. Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and other front-end languages. 3. Strong knowledge in backend language such as MYSQL to work on large dB and optimizing queries between tables to speed up the process. 4. Good knowledge in interactive design, Responsive web design (Mobile-Friendly) with good aesthetics, imagination, and attention to detail. 5. Have knowledge of the latest technology and industry trend. 6. Minimum 2-year experience is required and bachelor's degree. 7. Visa should be under husband's sponsorship The candidate will have a great career prospect involving a high level of experience in ERP development. A suitable candidate can apply. Job Type: Full-time