Al Meera Consumer Goods (Q.P.S.C.)

About Us

• Conduct research, comparisons and evaluations for different digital solutions in the retail industry. 

• Responsible for exploring potential solution options and making a clear recommendation by evaluating the fit to business need 

• Responsible for the design and development of digital solutions and mapping the business requirements to systems/technical requirements to ensure they are in line with the enterprise architectural plan. 

• Facilitate discussions with both business and technical stakeholders to extract critical business requirements and present a technical vision & solution that meets project needs. 

• Lead the collaborative assessment, planning, implementation, and integration of data handling.  

• Design integration methodologies, APIs, and tool chain for the ecosystem. 

• Vendor selection through RFPs/RFQs for IT implementations.  

• Defining and maintaining the solution architecture to enable successful delivery including application, data, integration, infrastructure, operations, and security architecture. 

• Planning and estimating cost/duration of solution architecture activities necessary for successful completion of the project, including stakeholder consultation and review cycles, and ensuring those plans are reflected in project plans;