About Us

AeroFarms is a company that specializes in vertical farming, which is the practice of growing crops in stacked layers using artificial light and a controlled environment. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Newark, New Jersey.

AeroFarms uses a patented technology called "aeroponics" which involves growing plants without soil, using a misting system to deliver nutrients directly to the roots. This method is said to be more efficient than traditional farming because it uses 95% less water, 50% less fertilizer, and no pesticides.

The company grows a variety of leafy greens and herbs, which are sold to grocery stores, restaurants, and other food retailers. AeroFarms' vertical farms are located in urban areas, which reduces transportation costs and helps to provide fresh produce to local communities.

AeroFarms is committed to sustainable agriculture and has received numerous awards for its innovative approach to farming. The company has also partnered with universities and research institutions to develop new technologies and advance the field of vertical farming.