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The Role We are looking for a Creative and Dynamic Agricultural Engineer with Solid Experience in Hydroponics and Agricultural technologies for our New Business Division Providing Agri-Tech Solutions. The ideal candidate must be passionate about horticulture and having Proven track record in the field of Hydroponics. Responsibilities: - Perform Key role in creating Agri-Tech Ecosystem and developing Solutions. - Analyse and Translate Global Agri-Tech Technologies in to Adaptive and tailored Solutions suitable for the Region. - Design and Manage R&D Farms for Growing Various crops in Controlled Environment. - Conducting R&D to grow various plant types in different systems mainly in Hydroponics. - Conduct Research on latest trends in agricultural engineering and farming aspects. - Manage all aspects of agricultural and horticultural plants Lifecyle. - Develop Project Plans and Mange all the Documentations. - Plan, Design, Implement and Manage Green Houses and Production Facilities. - Managing all aspects of our client’s Projects from Designing & Building Farms to Maintenance and after Sales Support. - Work collaboratively with team to achieve project goals. - Counsel and educate team on latest farming issues and techniques. - Ensure compliance with all the Govt Agencies Regulations. - Develop MIS Reporting for Management Decision making. Requirements Qualifications and Requirements: - BSc. in Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant Sciences, Plant Physiology, or a closely related discipline - Master’s degree in a related field is an advantage. - 3-5 years of experience working in horticulture, plant science or agronomy research - Able to multitask and prioritize the workload. - A flexible approach to work with the ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment. - Advanced skills with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - Strong analytical thinking, problem solving skills and an aptitude for detail required and a proven track record of demonstrable Experience in Hydroponics - Demonstrated knowledge and experience with operating controlled environment agriculture systems. - Experience growing plants in a research, pilot and production environment. - Experience with characterization of plants, including imaging, phenotyping, chemical analysis, and/or objective measurements of taste and texture. - Knowledge of plant growing, disease prevention, pest remediation, and IPM principles - Experience working with engineers or software developers on growing equipment/tools and monitoring systems. - Experience growing Various Crops - Experience with food safety and HACCP protocols - Aptitude with statistical analysis software and/or programming About the company Creatively driven Product and Market Development Company with an interest in R&D and Latest Technologies.