About Us

Your Innovative Technology Partner

At 24Online, we are more than just a technology company – we are your dedicated partners in turning visionary ideas into reality. Our mission revolves around assisting leaders in building mobile apps and technology solutions that not only meet but exceed their aspirations for a brighter future.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

1. Expert Tech Team:

We pride ourselves on being more than just developers; we are design thinkers, problem solvers, and business strategists. Our dedicated team excels in taking great ideas from early concept to successful launch, aligning with your vision, budget, and goals.

2. Mission and Values:

Our mission is to infuse the best aspects of the USA tech sector into the unique needs of the Middle East business community. We stand committed to transparency, fostering strong relationships, and continuous improvement.

3. Proven Background:

Founded in 2008, 24Online has been a trusted partner for over 600 businesses across seven countries. Our managing partners, Ihssan Abukhalaf and Sameer Alomari, bring decades of experience from leading and working with prominent US-based tech companies to guide every project.

Meet Our Leadership Team:

  • Ihssan Abukhalaf - Advisor:
  • A veteran of the San Francisco startup sector, Ihssan brings decades of experience in tech, entrepreneurship, and design. His expertise spans projects for notable companies like RocketLawyer.com, Twine, and Vicarious. As a seasoned entrepreneur and design thinker, Ihssan provides strategic guidance and design direction for 24Online projects.
  • Sameer Alomari - CEO:
  • Specializing in complex infrastructures and enterprise software solutions, Sameer has played a founding role in various companies. With deep investment experience and a background at Pepper and CentralSquare Technologies, Sameer leads 24Online with a focus on innovation and business leadership.

Message from the CEO:

"As the CEO of 24Online, I lead a team of innovative software developers dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions. We believe in transparency, good relationships, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to understand your business inside and out, delivering software solutions that truly meet your needs. We are excited to be part of the digital revolution, and we look forward to helping your business achieve its full potential."