About Us

12 Clients is a dynamic and innovative marketing agency that thrives on the principles of creativity, strategic thinking, and data-centric marketing approaches. With a passion for transforming brands and businesses into success stories, 12 Clients operates as a boutique marketing agency with a unique focus on quality and creativity.

The Core Values:

United by the "Love of CREATIVE ideas," 12 Clients brings together a team of thinkers, artists, and strategists committed to nurturing talents and creating a more creative and successful world. The agency operates in Jordan, KSA, UAE, and is actively expanding its operations to new countries.

Team Expertise:

The company prides itself on having the best talents in the region working collaboratively in clusters with a wide range of expertise in marketing, design, content creation, development, production, and animation. This collaboration aims to deliver top-notch results to clients by combining creativity with a data-driven approach.

Leadership Team:

  • Loay Haddad - The Artist: With over 20 years of experience in branding, design, and innovation, Loay believes in simplicity and creativity to craft concepts that leave a lasting impression on consumers.
  • Nidal Khoury - The Marketing Engineer: An engineer turned marketing expert with an MBA in marketing, Nidal emphasizes the importance of data and strategic planning, bringing 13 years of experience to the table.

Why 12 Clients:

The agency adopts a unique approach by taking on only up to 12 projects or clients per cluster at a time. This deliberate strategy ensures a focus on providing the highest quality concepts, creativity, and implementation consistently. Commitment to this core strategy sets them apart, promising clients satisfactory and creative services all the time.

Services Offered:

12 Clients provides a comprehensive suite of marketing services, including marketing and development, digital marketing, social media management, media and advertising, event management, tech and development, creative content, and printing solutions.

Valued Partnerships:

The agency has cultivated valued partnerships with clients and operates globally, with a particular focus on Jordan, UAE, Egypt, KSA, and Lebanon.